Friday, December 11, 2009

Products Liability Actions in 2009 and Request for Help

As 2009 closes out, I am going to try and prepare a capsule summary of significant 2009 decisions involving South Carolina products liability law. I ran a preliminary search this morning, and after weeding out the transfer orders and random cases that slipped through the search, I came up with 8 cases that appear to have focused on some aspect of products law, as follows:

Jackson v. Bermuda Sands, Inc., 383 S.C. 11, 677 S.E.2d 612 (Ct. App. 2009)

Duncan v. Ford Motor Co., 385 S.C. 119, 682 S.E.2d 877 (Ct. App. 2009)

Weston v. Kim's Dollar Store, 684 S.E.2d 769 (Ct. App. 2009)

Laffitte v. Bridgestone Corp., 381 S.C. 460, 674 S.E.2d 154 (S.C. 2009)

Solo v. Bausch & Lomb, Inc., 2009 WL 4287706 (Sept. 25, 2009 D.S.C.)

In re Bausch & Lomb, Inc. Contact Lens Solution Prods. Liab. Litig., 2009 WL 2750462 (Apr. 26, 2009 D.S.C.)

State v. Astra Zeneca Pharms. LP, 2009 WL 1227848 (May 5, 2009 D.S.C.)

Riggs v. Dupps Co., 2009 WL 1160934 (Apr. 28, 2009 D.S.C.)

As you can see from the hyperlinks, I have already briefed two of these cases in prior postings, and I dealt with the Jackson case in my series on "essentially the same condition."

If anyone has been involved with a case that has been decided in a published or slip opinion that I have missed above, please let me know in a comment and I will try to include it. I am focusing on the South Carolina Supreme Court, South Carolina Court of Appeals, District of South Carolina, and Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals cases that focus on South Carolina substantive law.
I will try to do some sort of capsule summary for all the cases, either this month or early in the new year, but just want to make sure I capture everything. Let me know if I have missed something.

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