Friday, February 4, 2011

SC Lawyer Article on Warnings Published

My apologies for the length of time since my last post. January was rough for the South Carolina Products Liability Law Blog, as your beloved author got sidetracked by one kid getting sick...for a week...then a second kid getting sick...for the entire next week....and then yours truly getting the flu this past week (most likely thanks to aforementioned kids). So basically, when I haven't been working, I've been helping tend to sick kids or trying to get myself healthy again. Fun stuff, people, fun stuff. But better days are ahead, as Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow this week, meaning spring is on the way!

But enough about all that. Let's talk about something that really gets the juices South Carolina's law on warnings. South Carolina Lawyer was kind enough to publish my article entitled Products Liability Claims in South Carolina: What is South Carolina's Law on Warnings? in its January 2011 edition, and you can find a copy of it here (give it a couple seconds to load). This article started out as a very exhaustive look at South Carolina warnings law (with the exception of the doctrine of preemption...which is a big enough topic to be its own article). However, because of space constraints, I had to cut it down a fair amount for publication. The section on exceptions to the duty to warn was originally much longer and had a great deal of additional case law and information. Because much of this information had to be cut out, I plan to use it as the basis for a new article that focuses specifically on this area of South Carolina warnings law, and I hope to submit it for publication in the near future.

Hopefully you will find it to be of interest, and I welcome any comments or feedback.

A couple of other blog-worthy developments from the last month. The South Carolina Defense Trial Attorneys Association asked if I would co-chair the Products Liability Substantive Law Committee, which I was very happy to accept for this year. My co-chair is Nick Gladd, and we will be responsible for providing updates to the organization on developments in products liability law in South Carolina, as well as helping plan for certain breakout sessions at the SCDTAA's meetings this year. If any followers of the blog are members of the SCDTAA and have suggestions for breakout topics, then please let me know.

Finally, my firm has asked me to chair our Products Liability Practice Group. The outgoing chairperson is Gray Culbreath, who also happens to be the Managing Partner of Collins & Lacy, P.C. and serves as the current President of the SCDTAA. Needless to say, Gray is wearing many different hats these days, so I appreciated my firm asking me to take over this duty so as to free him up a bit. I look forward to serving in this role.

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