Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Article Published in SCDTAA Publication "The Defense Line"

I am pleased to announce that my article entitled "Limits on the Duty to Warn in South Carolina Products Liability Law" was recently published in the Spring 2011 edition of The Defense Line, which is published by the South Carolina Defense Trial Attorneys' Association. You can find a .pdf of the article here.

As background, South Carolina Lawyer was kind enough to publish my article, "South Carolina Products Liability Law: What is South Carolina's Law on Warnings?" in its January 2011 edition. (See my post about this publication here). The original draft of the article was intended to be a comprehensive review of South Carolina warnings law, with the exception of the doctrine of preemption (which is a topic for an entirely different article by itself). The problem was that the article was extremely long and nearly double the word limitations requested by South Carolina Lawyer. To prepare it for publication, I had to cut a substantial amount of material from the section dealing with exceptions to and limitations on the duty to warn. My hope was that I could use this material to create a separate article and have it published in a different publication.

Fast forward to the Spring edition of The Defense Line, and there you have it: the "lost material" from the original article. This article has substantially more information on limitations/exceptions to the duty to warn in South Carolina than what was in the original South Carolina Lawyer article, with more case law and analysis. Enjoy.

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