Monday, April 25, 2011

Distance Learning Program on South Carolina Warnings Law Recorded at South Carolina Bar

Back in February, I posted that the South Carolina Bar asked if I would do a Distance Learning program based on my warnings article that was published in the January 2011 edition of South Carolina Lawyer, entitled "Products Liability Claims in South Carolina: What is South Carolina's Law on Warnings?"  I taped the segment this morning, and it was a great experience.  I spoke for about an hour on South Carolina warnings law.  I prepared some PowerPoint slides to illustrate certain points, and I anticipate that the program will also come with a copy of my January 2011 article for download by anyone who purchases it.

In short, I felt like a news anchor for about an hour.  The studio is set up so that you are sitting at a table and speaking on camera, with no "audience" per se.  This took a little getting used to, especially if you are more accustomed to presenting at public venues.  However, it went off without a hitch, and I enjoyed the preparation and experience.  Be on the lookout for it if you need CLE credit and want to do it in the comfort of your own home/office at your computer.

Most of my posts lately have been on various marketing and research projects that I have been working on.  However, I am going to try and post a "Case Brief" later this week so as to try and get back to some more substantive discussion.

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