Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Explanation of the "Basics" Topic Tag

By Brian A. Comer

As a lawyer, sometimes I am called on to provide "overviews" of certain areas of the law for a client. For this reason, I created "The 'Basics'" as a topic tag (see right side of blog).

Posts that are tagged with this label are designed to provide overviews of significant aspects of South Carolina products liability law (i.e., each of the elements, tests, learned intermediary doctrine, etc.). In other words, it is my attempt to give a "high level" summary about a significant part of South Carolina's products liability law. Some of these postings become more exhaustive than they probably should be (e.g., see the current series on what it means for a product to be in "essentially the same condition"). However, I am trying to make the topics narrow, and my intention is for the information to be substantive enough that a person could read it and get a general summary of the basic law.

So...if you ever need the "basics", click on that tag.

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