Thursday, June 4, 2009

Verdicts and Advance Sheets

By Brian A. Comer

I am on the lookout for new cases that come out in the Advance Sheets that deal with South Carolina products law, and they will go to the top of my "Case Brief" queue when they are released. I did not see any in the latest release from the appellate courts.

In addition, I am also on the lookout for any new products liability trial verdicts that come out, either for plaintiffs or defendants. I have not seen any in the last couple weeks, but also plan to profile those.

If anyone sees any that come out, or know of any that I may have missed, please comment! I would love to include it in my blog, and though I am on the lookout, would love for any readers to assist in being my "eyes and ears" on that kind of "breaking news."

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