Friday, November 9, 2012

Article Published on Equitable Indemnification and SCDTAA Follow-Up

Earlier this year, I submitted an article for publication in the South Carolina Defense Trial Attorneys Association's publication, The Defense Line.  The article surveyed equitable (non-contractual) indemnification law in South Carolina and the products liability cases in which it has been applied.  The article has been published in the Fall 2012 edition of The Defense Line, and you can find a copy of it here

When I write an article, I try to be pretty exhaustive in terms of reviewing every case that has dealt with a particular issue.  This article is no exception.  I tried to find every South Carolina products case dealing with equitable indemnification when I wrote it, and hopefully it serves as a useful resource for understanding this area of South Carolina law.

In addition, I just returned from speaking at the SCDTAA Annual Meeting in Kiawah (previously blogged about here).  My 45 minute speech generally provided an update on everything that has happened in South Carolina in 2012 with regard to products liability cases (significant opinions, legislative/regulatory developments, and general trends).  I appreciated the audience's attention and enjoyed this speaking opportunity.

I have enjoyed serving as a Co-Chair for the SCDTAA Products Liability Substantive Law Committee for the past two years.  It is a great committee and provides many opportunities for networking, publishing and speaking.  If you are a member of SCDTAA and have any interest in becoming involved, please let me know.  Although I expect to rotate off as Co-Chair, I certainly intend to remain involved.

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